Therapeutic Nutrition


28.04.2019 - 05.05.2019

Objectives of retreat

We strongly believe that the good life, well functioning body and a positive mind is the essence of our existence.. Every participant will have his/her own goal to achieve during the 7 day reatreat. Our common goal is to help everybody and each other to cleanse body and mind. In order to do that we will facilitate the best environment for the purpose. We will encourage silence and set time for meditation. We will prepare the best cleansing vegetarian, raw food for the group. We will also share many cleansing techniques that we practice so you can do it on your own after retreat ends. To help you with your progress during your stay we offer initial health consultation. Accommodation during the stay at the Guest House in Kraskow

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We work with the body through Therapeutic Nutrition as well as Movement

Initial cleansing of digestive tract consists of liquid formulas. For the first three days we only ingest water, nutmilk, smoothies, blended soups and herbs. Following the initial cleanse we fast from any food for one day. This preparation phase is followed by five days of Nutritional Therapy consisting of fruits, vegetables and delicious raw/life preparations served three times a day.

We dance before breakfast to say Good Morning to our body and to each other. We practice Yoga every day, moving in our own rhythm and with our own breath.

To speed up detox process we also provide massage sessions, infrared therapy and magnesium salts baths.


We purify our mind during meditation and emotional health sessions.

Meditation and relaxation
In order to purify our mind we meditate first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. We also encourage inner silence and conscious actions during your stay with us. All of it for the benefit of all beings.

Emotional Health
Emotional healing sessions are designed to inspire and facilitate self awarness.





Goals of retreat

Each participant has his goals to achieve. Our common goal is to help cleanse the body and mind and give good tools for self-employment at home.

to cleanse the body on a celullar level, from internal toxic waste, we apply several techniques simultaneously:
- Detox through food- mostly raw organic whole fruits and vegetables
- Detox throuch fasting
- Detox with water (due to quartz deposits Krasków has some of the best spring drinking water available )
- Detox with clay
- Detox and mineral supplementation through skin
- Physical exercise detox (yoga, running, abdominal and spine exercises)

To learn to protect the body from external poisons, we work with:
- Information (to know the foods which are good for you, and foods that are good for you in the right moment, season, time of day)
- Intuition (to learn your body and to learn to trust it, to know when it needs to rest and how it digests food, to learn your emotions and to help express them)

To to cleanse the mind from internal dialoque and other impurities we use:
- Meditation
- Conscious action
- Silence

To learn to protect the mind from external noise we are working on:
- Contemplation
- Physical activity
- Yoga
- Lifestyle

Our ideas

Thomas Gamperl

I saved this place from destruction. For more than a decade we have been running a luxury hotel here, but it has become evident that it is necessary to transform it - for ourselves and for this pplace. I closed the hotel and started the process of internal and external cleansing, and exploring new opportunities corresponding fitting place and time. Thanks to many experiences, there was a possibility of new destination, filling it with new content, giving it a new dimension. In the former guest house we have created a minimalist, simple space. Here you can experience youtrself surrounded by beautiful, unspoiled nature.


I always wanted to create a place to work on myself and serve others. The desire to create something good manifested itself here in Kraskow. I found an empty space here and I decided to use it to serve those who want positive changes in their lives.

Retreat idea

Our goal is to cleanse the body at the cellular level, calm the mind and provide emotional healing. We want to show you the way to health by identifying the individual direction and passing on practical work tools. This retreat will take the form of workshops during which you can learn to care for yourself. Our common goal is to help each other and everyone in the purification of Body and Mind. We create a retreat environment for you, encouraging silence and setting time for meditation. We will prepare the best purifying food and share cleansing techniques that we practice so that you can do them alone after the retreat ends.




  • 1 050 euro
    Included in the price: accommodation in the guest house, therapeutic nutrition, yoga, breathing techniques, massage and reflexology, emotional healing, exercises in key parts of the body, products needed for therapy, talks, lectures, initial health and nutrition consultation

    nerest date: 28.04.2019 - 05.05.2019

Contact data

  • Good Kraskow, palace and park complex
    Kraskow 13,
    58-124 Marcinowice
  • informational: ChefIrek tel. +48 533 777 581

How to get there

  • Nerest Airport: Wroclaw
    You can rent a car at the airport to get to Kraskow, or use public transport to Marcinowice



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